Central African Wildlife Adventures is the most exclusive safari company in Central Africa, offering safaris in one of the most remote areas to be found on this magnificent continent: The heart of a wilderness within the heart of Africa.

In the eastern Central African Republic lies a vast territory, covering more than 20 million hectares, totally free of any human encroachment. This is the land where the rainforest of Congo meets with the rolling hills and the savannas of the north. It stretches from fast flowing and crystal clear streams in the rainforests and mountains to the mighty, lazy rivers of Mbari, Chinko and Vovodo, where they flow along huge plains and swamps.

Central African Wildlife Adventure’s area covers two million hectares in the middle of this wilderness. None of this land has ever been hunted by white men before. Most of it has never even been hunted by natives… It’s simply too far away. The area is very special in the way that we can combine savannah hunting with forest hunting, as both biotopes are present throughout the whole concession. You may in the morning hunt the majestic Lord Derby Eland and in the evening track one of our forest trails for the elusive Bongo. Or why not call for lion? We entirely hunt our lions either by tracking or by calling in early mornings or late afternoons. This is one of the most adrenaline rushing hunts one can ever experience.

We are dedicated to make your adventure in CAR one you will never forget. One you will remember with joy for many years. Like one of our friends said when he came back to camp after taking his Leopard: "This moment is what I call a "November bath experience”. This is the moment I will remember when I lay in my bath in the dark of the winter and need to cheer myself up, then I will think of this…"

We invite you to join us to discover a true wilderness and live an unforgettable experience in the very heart of Africa.


Erik Mararv

To the last frontier... and beyond...